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Our team comprises of skilled and experienced professionals who know how to achieve flawless results, using scientifically validated and certified green products, top-grade equipment, and various cleaning techniques. You can always count on them to go the extra mile and ensure that you and your employees receive the 5-star cleaning service you deserve.


Licensed and insured, we are the company that will provide your business facility with a measurably cleaner environment in which the spread of illness-causing germs is reduced to a negligible minimum. With our efficient and economical systematic cleaning you will enjoy a clean, disease-free, and welcoming workplace. This inevitably leads to increases in the general productivity, fewer sick days for your employees, and lower health care expenses for everyone.

Our services come at reasonable and competitive rates. We also offer FREE of charge window cleaning for our new clients. In addition, you can contact us for our 24/7 emergency cleaning services. Working with commercial clients only, we know what is necessary to meet the requirements of your business and guarantee your satisfaction.


Elite Building Maintenance is a leading company that cleans beyond appearance alone. Let us add your name to our satisfied VIP Costumers!

Call US  (916) 410-3316 to schedule an appointment!


Our company was founded in 2010 with the one goal to meet the specific cleaning requirements of local businesses. Since then, we have advanced in many aspects of our business and today, we are the first choice of many. 


We service our clients in Sacramento and surrounding areas quickly became our proving grounds where we established the image of a reliable and professional company that delivers its services with the integrity that each one of our clients deserve.

Each day, our professionals get ready to use their skills and professional expertise to offer cleaning and janitorial services that aim to set new standards for cleanliness and quality. Working in a healthy and clean environment will boost your business, by setting a positive mood and increasing the productivity of both you and your employees

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